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sandhya tolat

Firstly heartiest congratulations on this wonderful initiative. Bringing multiple legal templates all together under one roof has really made life easy for commoners and advocates.
The precedents are extremely well drafted and exhaustive. Commendable work!!
All the best and looking forward to your new additions and updates

Sudeep Desai, Advocate

Excellent collection of various deeds & documents. Perfect drafting. Indeed a lot of research & hard work has gone into making this. I will definitely refer it to my friends.

Appealing Legal Website

This website definitely appeals to an average person also, apart from Legal persons. Because the layout is v simple yet effective. It’s a clean site with a flawless look, and someone without any legal background would definitely appreciate it.
The design is v consistent throughout all the pages – clean and easy to read. Well done!

Excellent collection of precedents for

Excellent collection of precedents for all types of court and non court legal work. Enough to run any law office. The precedents are highly exhaustive. You think of precedent and it is there.

Good initiative at the right

Good initiative at the right time. This resource will be of immense value. Content quality and authenticity, although satisfactory as of now, close supervision may be necessary for larger viewership. All the best.